Rodrick and I opened Hair Lab Detroit 5 years ago with a desire to bring something different to the quickly growing city of Detroit. A barber and a stylist, with a shared passion for hair and people, and the determination to create a space that was more than just a place to get your hair done. Our intimate setting provided a space for networking and debates on current affairs, it was a place you could escape what troubled you and share a laugh with a total stranger in the chair next to you. Maybe you would meet your next date, or your future boss. If these walls could talk, they would tell the story of the people of a city making a comeback, and the fun they had along the way.

As many of you know, our lease has come to an end and we had some big decisions to make.  As we scoured the city for the perfect space for our new location, things just weren’t lining up the way we had hoped. We had quite a few options, but none of them were the perfect fit, and none of them would be ready in time for us despite the year and a half gap we had allowed for everything to work out. While expanding our search we stumbled upon a building that we had seen close to our house that was an abandoned beauty school. This school had everything left inside and, while it needed updating, the bones were solid, and it was full of supplies. While this seemed like an amazing find, opening a school was not on my radar and seemed like a huge endeavor. And anyway, my focus was still on moving the salon, so we just kept trying to find that next perfect location.

At a hair show earlier this year we were discussing the situation of the salon move with a few of our industry mentors and the old school building came up. Not only were we encouraged to take the leap, our dear friend and mentor Larry Curtis offered to mentor us through the process. With his help and a building that is already built to suit, this became a once in a lifetime opportunity we could not pass up.  If there is one thing I have learned as an entrepreneur, it is that the art of pivoting gracefully is a necessity to succeed. Just when you think you know what’s next, life throws you a curveball that will make you re-evaluate your path. In our new roles we will have the opportunity to shape new barbers and stylists entering the industry to meet and exceed our level of expectation so that they can find success in their new careers. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously and are looking forward to the challenge.

 In order for us to follow our dreams, and move on to what’s next, it is imperative that we give this new endeavor our all. In order to do that we have made the very tough decision to close our doors at Hair Lab Detroit the Salon on Tuesday August 27th. This has been one of the hardest decisions we have ever made.  All of you have become an extension of our family, and it has been our pleasure to serve you over the last 5 years. There are no words to express our appreciation for your love and support.  

Our biggest concern in all of this was what would happen to all of you and your future hair needs. Around the same time we made this decision, our good friend Jenna told us she had decided to take the leap into salon ownership and will be opening her new studio called “Hair. a salon” in the Fisher Building. For those of you looking to stay downtown, her location will be a perfect fit. Her small 4 chair salon will give you the same intimate experience and customer service you have come to love here at Hair Lab. She will be continuing to use the Davines color line that we use here at Hair Lab. Jenna has decided to continue using the same booking software, so to make everything easier she will just take over our database to make everything easier for everyone shifting over. You will still be able to book online using your current profile, and those that prefer to book through email, Stephanie will stay on to help you with those needs. Hair. a salon will be open on September 5th and the contact info is as follows: 

Hair. a salon

3011 West Grand Blvd

Suite 130

Detroit Mi 48202


 Teiara will be relocating to Beauty by J. Lyle in Birmingham (15 mile & Woodward). This full-service salon offers a small boutique experience, Davines color & the full Davines product line, along with flexible hours to meet scheduling needs & online booking. For any questions or to reach Teiara directly you can find her on Instagram @Tvon_beauty, or email Until her online link is set up to book appointments contact:

Beauty by J. Lyle

235 Willits Alley, Birmingham, MI 48009

(248) 540-0046

 We are beyond grateful to have had the last 5 years with you all, and to say you will be missed is an understatement. We appreciate your unending support and wish you all a lifetime of happiness and good hair. Please stay in touch. Our email will remain open if you need ANYTHING from us just shoot us a message at If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by the school and say hi!

 Hair Lab Detroit Barber School

15070 Dix-Toledo Rd

Southgate MI 48195


Much love,

Rodrick Samuels and Lauren Moser-Samuels